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13th 5-year Plan on Healthy China seeks for opinion, Big Health to bloom
2015-12-04 15:25

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It is learnt from the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) on Dec. 4 that the NHFPC is studying and formulating Construction Planning on Healthy China of 13th Five-Year Plan based on requirement of the central government, which will be a programmatic document to enhance the construction of Healthy China in future five years, aiming at further improving the planning and formulation based on science and democracy. The NHFPC also decides to search for public opinions and suggestions from the society.

It points out that health is a crucial base to enhance comprehensive development of humans, and also a signal of powerful country and happy citizens. Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping indicated that there will not be an overall well-off society, if the citizens are not healthy. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee meeting proposed a magnificent target to boost the construction of Healthy China based on synergistically promoting the strategic deployment of “four aspects”, which showed China’s high attention and steadfast determination to security the health of our citizens. Searching for public opinions will be end on Dec. 31.

Along with issuance of planning suggestion on “13th five-year plan”, Healthy China is officially regarded as a “national strategy”. Based on previous report, Construction Planning on Healthy China (2016-2020) is orderly under formulation, expecting to be formally issued at the beginning of next year. Construction for Healthy China based on linkage among hospitals, medical insurance and medicine reform, separation of clinic from pharmacy, as well as classified diagnosis & treatment will be a key point in the period of “13th five-year plan” to deepen the reform on medical and health system. Various medical reform experts pointed out that “Internet Plus” will become a significant technology to deepen the medical reform, and enhance the construction for Healthy China. After two years of innovation in pattern, trial & error in commerce, and competition in capital, internet medical industry is possible to enter into a golden era finally.

For the capital market, once “Healthy China” rises to a national strategy, investment in the industry totaled tens of trillion yuan will start. Relevant report suggests that big health industry has become the largest emerging industry in the world. But in comparison with the U.S., Japan and even other developing countries, China’s big health industry is still at an early stage. Statistics show that in the U.S., GDP proportion of big health industry exceeded 15 percent; in Canada and Japan, the proportion is over10 percent; in China, the range is just 4 to 5 percent.

This year, in the context that China has vigorously promoted “Internet Plus”, Internet-based medicine industry has seen rapid development. Internet medicine companies led by Searainbow Holding Corp. (000503.SZ) and Andon Health Co., Ltd. (002432.SZ) all have strengthened their main businesses and hence are chased by capital. From “Internet Plus Medical Insurance” to “Internet Plus Medical Treatment”, leveraging mobile internet, the above new types of medical service companies are expected to climb to the dominant position among “Healthy China” companies.

Analysts at Ping An Securities indicated that as “Healthy China” strategy is put forward, during the “13th Five-year” period, the market size of medical and healthcare industry consisted of big health, big hygiene and big medicine is expected to exceed tens of billion yuan. Medical and healthcare industry will take the lead of the new round of economic boom, and sub-sectors like medical service, health insurance, innovative medicine, precision medicine and Internet-based medicine will all be among the top. Huapont Life Sciences CO., Ltd. (002004.SZ), Anhui Lucky Health Technology Co., Ltd. (300247.SZ), Andon Health Co., Ltd. (002432.SZ) are all A share companies involve in “Healthy China” businesses.
Translated by Jelly Yi and Adam Zhang
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