[Today's Guide] ○ Sectors with certain growth may see more investment from institutes
[Today's Guide] ○ Drugs industry to see supply-side reform, innovative drugs to benefit
[Today's Guide] ○ China to deepen reform on construction industry, leaders to benefit
[Today's Guide] ○ State Council General Office to support vaccines development and enhance supervision on distribution
[Today's Guide] ○ Jiangsu to promote SOEs asset securitization and overall listing
[Today's Guide] ○ No. 1 central document highlights supply-side structural reform in agriculture, structural improvement enjoys huge potential
[Today's Guide] ○ National Population Development Plan released, realization of proper fertility rate to advance
[Today's Guide] ○ CIRC strengthens regulation on insurance funds, investment in stocks not to reduce
[Today's Guide] ○ NDRC arranges rural work for 2017, agricultural supply-side reform to highlight
[Today's Guide] ○ Three "national team" funds maintain stable positions and increase investment in infrastructure and power stocks
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