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Chinese company completes substation expansion project in Poland
2018-11-13 10:13

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The expansion and renovation project of the Kozienice substation in Poland, which was built by Chinese Pinggao Group Co., Ltd., was recently completed in eastern Polish city of Kozienice.

The project is the first power transmission and transmission general contracting project completed by a Chinese company in European Union (EU) countries.

As the second largest substation in Poland, the Kozienice substation provides half power supply for the country’s capital, Wasaw.

In 2014, Pinggao Group and Poland's national transmission system operator Polskie Sieci Elektronergetyczne SA (PSE) signed the contract for the expansion and renovation project of the Kozienice substation with a value of 252 million yuan, and it’s completed after four years of construction.

Since Pinggao Group entered the Polish market, it has signed and carried out six general contracting projects of PSE. The group plans to start from Poland and bring Chinese equipment to other EU countries.
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