Xiaomi launches cross-border e-commerce platform in India

2019-02-01 15:23

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Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi recently launched a cross-border e-commerce platform ShareSave where users can purchase all Xiaomi products sold only in mainland China.
Consumers can by a variety of Xiaomi products on ShareSave, including bottles, toothbrushes, lamps, smart light bulbs, etc.
The move is part of Xiaomi’s efforts to expand its footprints worldwide.
The company firmly believes in the power of the community and followers. The new platform ShareSave will let its strength in community culture play a role. Sharesave offers users three purchase modes: Pair-up, Drop, and Kickstart. Through these three modes, users can get discounts in an interactive way.
Pair-up offers a fixed discount to t fixed group of people which could be your friends or family. Drop allows buyers to select products from a list and then invite friends and family to a purchasing group. The more people in the group, the lower the price will be. When the product reaches the target price, the user will receive a free or 50% discount. The third model, Kickstart, is similar to crowdfunding. Buyers support the required products with an initial payment method as low as $0.20. When the product is successfully funded, they will receive a ten-fold bonus on the initial funding amount in the form of a shopping voucher.
ShareSave is currently only accessible in India, but will soon expand into other markets, according to a statement the company made on its website.
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