HOMISON Partners with SEAL to Establish Vertical Supply Chain on e-Waste Recovery and Recycling with New Business Opportunities Explored

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2021-11-29 12:20

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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 29 November 2021 - Seal Eco Advanced Co., Ltd. (SEAL, a Hong Kong plastic waste recycling company) and Homison Solutions Limited (a technology service company), signed a cooperation agreement today and forged a special supply chain partnership for e-waste recovery and recycling in Hong Kong. The partnership will join force to improve the overall performance of the supply chain.

The partnership is expected to turn the by-products of the e-waste especially plastic waste into useful raw materials through recycling, including all kinds of recycled plastic products, to realize the turning waste-into-energy goal.

At the signing ceremony, the contracting parties called on Hong Kong enterprises to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities by actively and properly dealing with e-waste and solving the problem of carbon emissions. It is hoped that this cooperation model will not only open up local business opportunities for turning waste into energy, but also provide a successful case for local enterprises in sustainable development.

According to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, only 17.4% of the e-waste was documented as formally collected and recycled, with most of the rest sent to landfills.

The figures released by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department revealed that around 70,000 tons of e-Waste and 5,400 tons of plastic waste are generated annually in Hong Kong, which poses a heavy burden on the environment.

"With the increasing availability of information technology and the surging demand for data capacity, the scale of data center is becoming larger and larger. We often have to install new electronic equipment and replace the old ones for customers. In the face of the increasing e-waste, we always hope to find appropriate environmental protection experts to tackle the issue together," Jason Wu, CEO of HOMISON, said.

However, the upcycling and recycling of e-waste among local enterprises has fallen short of expectation and has yet to become a universal practice. For example, there are less than 20 service providers in Hong Kong that can legally handle e-waste, and the recycling process has yet to meet the global recovery standard (GRS).

SEAL is one of the few plastic waste recyclers with GRS Certificate in Hong Kong, which proves that all its recycling and production processes strictly meet the GRS certification standard. GRS certification can also ensure that the products produced and manufactured are really from waste recycling.

In view of this, the two parties reached a cooperation agreement initiated by the STARS Foundation. It is planned that HOMISON will be responsible for managing the e-waste and its by-products collected from customers. While SEAL, upon collection of the discarded products, will have them demagnetized, drilled and shredded to ensure no data leakage, and will turn the plastic materials to recycled plastic particles in their Fanling plant in strict compliance with the regulations of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. The recycled plastic particles will be made into various types of recycled plastic products to reduce new plastics generated from oil mining.

Carla Lam, Marketing Director of SEAL, remarked, "We are glad to expand our recycling business to electronic products recycling. We have never stopped to develop high-quality recycled products to meet the increasing market demand. We hope, through this cooperation, to enhance our product diversification with more recycling items. If our partnership could help Hong Kong enterprises reduce the import of recycled plastic particles from the Mainland or foreign countries, we will be able to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transportation."

Jason Wu of HOMISON said, "Our commitment on the proper disposal of electronic waste together with practical implementation has won the trust and support of our customers. We hope to continue to be the service provider of choice for customers in IT solutions' business, and protect the environment with concerted efforts."

MP3 Communications, a strategic partner of HOMISON, is an innovative communications consultancy. It has also played an active role in fostering the cooperation. One of its businesses is to help enterprises apply environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies, formulate long-term business policies and promote sustainable development.

Danielle Kwan, Founder and CEO of MP3 Communications, said, "It is a big trend for enterprises to incorporate ESG into their operating standards. ESG strategy can help create a better society, reduce damage to the environment, and create more business opportunities. We hope to convey our "Inclusion2gather" message to enterprises through this HOMISON X SEAL partnership. Let's work together to thrive in life and business."

Pak Kwan, Vice Chairman of STARS Foundation, believes that this cooperation can set another model of voluntary cooperation among enterprises on proper treatment of e-waste, for the business community and the public to take reference.

"The cooperation between HOMISON and SEAL is a proactive response to the Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035 launched by the HKSAR Government in February 2021, advocating "Waste Reduction‧Resources Circulation‧Zero Landfill" (2R1C) including the implementation of municipal solid waste charges to reduce the per capita disposal rate and improve the recovery rate," Pak Kwan added, "The cooperation agreement signed by the two companies provides an additional way to recover and properly dispose of e-waste, while advocating the turning waste into energy practice to reduce e-waste and curb pollution."



Homison Solutions Limited (Homison) is an IT solution provider. They focus on data center management and electronic infrastructure which includes software updates, fibre cabling installation, network maintenance, network cabling services, app design, etc. Please refer to for details. They have a wide range of customer which Homison provides them solutions and management to solve their technical problems and implements with high service quality. With the rapid development of technology, most companies will update their software and equipment in a timely manner to meet the needs of the market and the requirement of the data capacity. As a result, a large amount of electronic waste and its by-products are generated, which causes pollution to the environment. To minimize the impact to the environment, Homison puts efforts to expand its business, allying with Seal to become strategic partners to contribute the society and protect the nature.

About SEAL

Seal Eco Advance Limited (SEAL) is a recycling company established in 2020. Our recycling facility in Fanling, Hong Kong collects waste plastics and recycles them into useful and sustainable raw materials.

Seal's mother company China Eco-farming listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as 8166 is currently working on projects related to carbon offset and carbon neutrality. There are total 20 staffs working in Seal Fanling Plant.

Seal handling and treating about 36,000 metric tonnes of worldwide's waste and recyclables. It includes a Waste to Classification and cleaning process, a Waste Recycling Centre and a Recycling Education Centre. All products will be tested at the in house laboratory twice, to ensure the quality and safety before selling to customers.

Our products have been verified Under Global Recycled Standard. The GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions. The objectives of the GRS are to define requirements to ensure accurate content claims and good working conditions, and that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimized. Only a few Hong Kong factory has been verified under GRS.

About MP3 Communications Group Co. Ltd

MP3 Communications, established in Hong Kong, has 17 years of experience since 2004 and is an innovative communications agency. The business consists of brand planning, publicity and promotion, business cooperation, corporate communications, event planning, target marketing, project coordination, event management and production execution. The company stands on its mission: "Innovation & Convergence." We are committed to excellent brand planning and business promotion, serving multinational companies, Hong Kong listed companies, chambers of commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises, academic and charity organizations, among others. Covering a full range of branding services.


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