> Regulators tighten margin trading and short selling, bull market expects to slow down
> Xi Jinping encourages nuclear industry to boom, new projects expect to launch. > SGCC to construct highway quick-charge network in.
[Today's Guide] > Xi Jipin pays high attention to the bidding for Winter Olympics, sports fever expect
Central bank launches technological innovation instructions to promote autonomous & controllable mobile finance.
CAAM expects vehicles sales up 7 pct in 2015, securities companies rosy about revaluation in vehicle industry
SSE 50 ETF options to launch Feb. 9, securities companies likely to see performance growth
Quota system of renewable energy submitted, wind and PV power to benefit
State Council approves law amendment draft, education enterprises to see major development...
4.0 version Industry benefits from launch of opinions on integrating Internet and industry Cultural system reform further deepens
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