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China's urban employees see higher pay in 2019

Xinhua News,BEIJING
2020-05-18 10:33

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BEIJING, May 18 (Xinhua) -- The average salary of China's urban employees reported robust growth in 2019 thanks to the country's steady economic operation last year, official data showed Friday.

In non-private sectors, urban employees' inflation-adjusted real growth of the average salary rose by 6.8 percent to 90,501 yuan (12,758 U.S. dollars), according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

In private sectors, the annual average salary stood at 53,604 yuan, up 5.2 percent year on year after deducting price factors.

The steady rise in urban employees' average salary can be attributed to last year's overall steady economic operation and stable employment situation, according to Meng Canwen, deputy chief of the population and employment statistics department of the bureau.

Employees engaging in scientific research, higher education and information sectors saw steady rises in their average wage, while workers related to public services and consumption upgrade witnessed faster salary raises, Meng said.
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