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Chinese company pledges 3 bln USD to fund biomass plants in Britain

2015-10-21 08:12

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A Chinese company on Tuesday pledged 2 billion pounds (about 3.1 billion U.S. dollars) to build 299-megawatt biomass power station in two sites in Britain.

SinoFortone Group, a Chinese private development company, announced on Tuesday it signed the contract with British firm Orthios Eco Parks Limited (Orthios) who developed the "Orthios Combined Food and Power" solution which will be used in the two green power stations in Holyhead and Port Talbot of Welsh.

"The core technologies are long-established and proven, novelty of the overall concept arising not least from its integrated yet modular approach, incorporating realistic and scalable supply and output delivery plans," said Dr Lionel Clarke, visiting Professor of Department Bioengineering, Imperial College.

The 299-megawatt combined heat and power station would generate electricity from imported plant waste. The electricity would light homes and the excess heat would be used to warm indoor ponds growing seafood and hydroponic crops.

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