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More than 1.1 mln Hong Kong residents sign petition against violence

2019-11-11 15:45

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HONG KONG, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- More than 1.1 million Hong Kong residents have signed an online petition as of Monday morning, calling for an end to violence in Hong Kong.

The campaign, initiated by the Safeguard Hong Kong alliance in October, is aimed at voicing their opposition to violence by black-clad masked rioters, and rallying public support for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government and the police in stopping violence and restoring order.


On Friday, Safeguard Hong Kong submitted a petition to the director of the HKSAR Chief Executive's Office.

Kennedy Wong, convener of the community group, said the escalating violence has discouraged many residents from standing up to speak out, and the online petition is to allow more residents to voice their demands.

"We hope it can gather the positive energy in Hong Kong, and bring together those who support the HKSAR government and the police," Wong said.

Hong Kong residents should first support the law enforcement agencies in curbing violence, he added.

The online petition also calls for the support of an anti-mask law, imposed by the HKSAR government last month in a bid to stop violence and chaos.

Hong Kong has been recently plagued by "black violence." The black-clad rioters ignore the anti-mask law and other laws, and continue to hide their identities, said an announcement issued by Safeguard Hong Kong on its website.

The rioters arbitrarily set fire to properties, robbed shops, smashed shopping malls, beat residents and tourists, and Hong Kong was plunged into "black terror," it said, adding that the work, study and life of Hong Kong residents are greatly affected.

"The achievements accumulated by several generations of Hong Kong people will be destroyed (by the rioters)," the announcement said.


On the website's message board, a netizen named "no identity, no soul" asked, "Why hate your roots?"

The rioters are destroying their home and their future, the netizen said, adding that freedom does not mean that it can be above the rule of law, and it cannot infringe on the freedom of others.

A netizen named "Doris" wrote that a medical staff at a government hospital asked them whether there were police officers in their family when he accompanied a family member to see a doctor.

"Why do medical staff ask this question? We suspect that some medical staff are hateful or sensitive to the police," Doris said, adding that the police had been very hardworking and suffering, and Hong Kong people should not trouble police officers and their family members.

"Please sympathize with the police and support the government in rebuilding Hong Kong! Cheer up! Stay united!" Doris said.

"Don't let the police shed tears while shedding blood," netizen "Wing" said, adding that "the duty of the police is to arrest criminals, instead of being beaten, doxxed and attacked."

Netizen "KW" also expressed support for the police in strictly enforcing the law and hoped that the Safeguard Hong Kong alliance can organize more activities, so that the silent majority can speak out.

The demands of the protesters are not the mainstream voice and public opinion, KW said.

"Love the country and love Hong Kong," netizen named Kan Shing Shun said, calling for joint efforts with the Hong Kong police to bring radical mobs to justice and stop violence as soon as possible.
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