​KPMG Honson To: Free Trade and Economic Globalisation Irreversible Trends

2019-01-22 14:59

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The 2019 Winter Davos will take place in Switzerland from 22 to 25 January. The theme this year is “Globalisation 4.0: Building a Global Architecture for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” As a global strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, KPMG will be represented by partners from around the world, including Vice Chairman Andrew Weir and Audit Partner Tracy Yang of KPMG China. The Forum this year will focus on how Globalisation 4.0 brings inclusiveness and development to the world. Representatives from governments, international organisations and corporations from all over the world will discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by this change. 

Honson To, Chairman of KPMG Asia Pacific and KPMG China, said: We are entering a new stage of global cooperation. Economic globalisation has been a strong impetus for global economic growth. Free trade and economic globalisation are irreversible trends. China has benefited from and contributed to economic globalisation, and has played an active part in globalisation and the international division of labour. By promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and strengthening regional economic cooperation, China is promoting multilateral cooperation and diversified trade. Chinese leaders are committed to reform and opening up. Policies and measures which show the government’s commitment and determination in this regard are being introduced on an ongoing basis.  

In addition, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has catalysed a new form of economy and globalisation. Technological changes are taking place at an unprecedented rate, providing a driving force for Globalisation 4.0. Information technologies are exerting a fundamental impact on the services sector. Andrew Weir, Vice Chairman of KPMG China, said: Artificial intelligence is creating new markets and opportunities, and is also reshaping traditional industries. This is both a challenge and an opportunity for KPMG. We have always regarded digitalisation as one of our key strategies, and applied emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to promote organisational transformation and the reshaping of businesses.

In the context of Globalisation 4.0, KPMG has been serving Chinese companies to go global in recent years. KPMG Audit Partner Tracy Yang said: Under China’s sponsorship the Belt and Road is becoming an important new driving force for globalisation in today’s new international environment. To better serve Chinese companies, KPMG has established the Global China Practice, and set up professional teams in nearly 60 global investment hot spots to provide one-stop services for SOEs and support their ambitions abroad. In the future, KPMG will adopt new technologies and models to drive innovation and development and help more businesses unlock their potential and grow into global companies. 
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