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Chinese dairy enterprises resume work to ensure supply

Xinhua News,HOHHOT
2020-02-13 15:20

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China's dairy enterprises have resumed production amid the novel coronavirus outbreak to ensure the supply and quality of dairy products.

Chinese dairy giant Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. said to ensure the supply of dairy products, more than 10,000 employees have been working in the factories across the country since the Spring Festival.

The current yearly production capacity of Yili is nearly 12 million tonnes.

The group has also rolled out detailed epidemic prevention and control efforts, checking employees' health and workshops, to ensure the safety of both workers and production.

Saishang Nestle Hulunbuir Ltd., located in the city of Ergun, said it is now operating at full capacity. At present, the enterprise receives about 120 tonnes of fresh milk every day and produces 12 tonnes of milk powder every day.

"After the company restored production, our workers worked overtime to produce more than 400,000 yuan (about 57,307 U.S. dollars) worth of adult milk powder and donated them to workers on the frontline of the anti-virus fight," said Wang Hai, an official of the company.

The agriculture and animal husbandry department of the city of Ergun recently vaccinated the cows in the city, distributed disinfection supplies to all dairy farms and required them to conduct disinfection every day. Meanwhile, the local disease control center has strengthened the publicity and guidance of epidemic prevention and control among dairy enterprise employees.
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