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Xinhua Silk Road Database Gold Membership trial for only $9.9

Xinhua Silk Road
2020-07-17 15:50

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How often do you have a chance to save a fortune and enjoy professional information services at the same time?


We are here to invite you to our 5th Anniversary celebration with this one-time offer:

Subscribe and pay as little as $9.9 before July 31 for one-week trial of Xinhua Silk Road Database Gold Membership (worth $3,000/yr) and explore all the products and services we have to offer, including:

Unlimited access to gold subscriber-only China Companies Inquiry System;

PLUS, all issues of Belt and Road Weekly e-magazines;

PLUS, access to Economic Data sub-database;

PLUS, 1000+ industry/trade/business environment assessment reports;

PLUS, industry famed, oil-and-gas focused China OGP e-magazines.

BUT that's not all.

Subscribers that join us through this anniversary promotion are entitled to a special offer of one-time 50 percent-off on our normal membership quote effective before December 30, 2020.


JOIN today and take our best offer ever!

Give it a try?Two Options to participate!

Option A - Register and Purchase Step by Step

1. Register first at  with a valid e-mail account.

Tip: For account safety, pls set your password sophisticate enough (minimum eight and a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols, example Abcd@6666. Also, symbols mean these: !@#$%^&.  I know, I know...).

2. Click  and purchase our $9.9 anniversary one-week trial voucher and that's it!

Upon receiving your payment, we will upgrade your registered account to GOLD within 24 hours and an account upgrade confirmation will be sent to your registered e-mail.

During your waiting time, you can still surf our website and enjoy some of the database services.

Option B - Leave it ALL to us

If you find registration process a little bit lengthy or simply wanna go old-fashion on this, simply download the Subscription Form and email to to make your order and we will take it from there!

Can't wait to hear from you.


Scan the QR code and push it to your mobile phone


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