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China expected to strengthen supervision on baby milk powder soon

2015-12-07 11:35

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China will not only adopt a registration system for baby milk powder formula, but also strengthen supervision and examination on licensed producers and knock out those failing to meet standards, an official said at a forum held over the weekend.

The supervisors will scan 103 domestic milk powder firms that have been granted with the production certificate and 73 overseas producers. Policies on domestic and overseas producers will be the same, said Ma Chunliang, an official with China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

It is likely one producer can keep no more than five series of milk powder products in the future, said Ma. Reports said China will at the soonest launch a registration system for baby milk powder formula by the end of this month, under which the CFDA will examine the R&D report and materials proving science and safety of a baby milk powder formula that applies to be registered.

In the past, the applicants only needed to pass the examination of experts and put their formula on records with the CFDA, before they were allowed to produce milk powders.

It is expected the upcoming policies will eliminate more than half of the present baby milk powder brands to leave some 600 to 800 brands on the Chinese market.

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