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​Tencent releases first AI-aided medical platform

Xinhua Financein
2018-06-24 20:50

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The Chinese tech giant, Tencent Holdings Ltd. released its first artificial intelligence-aided medical diagnosis and treatment open platform on June 21 to support the hospital information system (HIS) and achieve an intelligent upgrade of online medical services.

Tencent also launched the first medical AI engine for Tencent Miying. Chen Guangyu, the vice president of Tencent hoped that Tencent Miying would be a toolbox for hospitals and medical information technology providers and help the medical industry to create a “super brain” for the new generation of intelligent medical services.

As Tencent’s first product that applies AI technology to the medical field, Tencent Miying contains two core functions: AI medical imaging analysis, as well as AI-aided diagnosis and treatment, which also cooperates with over 100 top domestic ranking hospitals.

The medical AI engine of Tencent Miying can improve its ability for medical diagnosis through simulating the doctors’ study process and help doctors to diagnose and predict more than 700 diseases covering all medical subjects.

Through an open interface, medical information providers can integrate Tencent Miying with hospital information systems (HIS) to help the HIS gain the ability of AI-aided diagnoses and treatments, as well as achieve the sharing and interconnections of internal data.

When the AI-aided diagnoses and treatments are applied to the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), it will enhance doctors’ diagnoses accuracy and efficiency for common diseases, and provide other clinical decision support, including reference to diagnosis and treatment plans, intention-to-treat analyses, an auxiliary knowledge base and well structured electronic medical records.

Due to Tencent Miying, hospitals and medical information providers will realize an intelligent upgrade of their mobile medical services, increase the accuracy and efficiency of the information collected before doctor visits, as well as help doctors and patients communicate outside of hospitals.

Tencent signed AI cooperation agreements with several medical information providers, such as the Zoe Software Corporation, the Kingdee International Software Group, and medical institutions, including the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, the Shandong Provincial Hospital, and the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital.
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