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​132 Tianjin health product companies involved in illegal operations

2019-01-11 14:36

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A total of 132 health product companies in Tianjin Municipality were found to be involved in illegal operations, according to the Tianjin Administration for Market Regulation on Thursday.

During an ongoing campaign to regulate the health product market, the city investigated 14,923 companies and 132 were found to be problematic.

The city filed 117 cases, with two transferred to the public security department. Fifteen companies were banned from the market, and 52 were asked to make improvements within a certain period.

A total of 306,730 units or packs of illegal health products were seized.

The campaign began Jan. 2 and will last till March 31. It came after an investigation over Quanjian, a local health product company involved in pyramid scheme selling and false advertising.
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