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Zhina coal base sees new transportation access put into operation

2016-01-12 13:58

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Zhina coal field, south China's largest anthracite reserve base, has seen a new transportation access put into operation on January 10. The new transportation access, called Zhina Railway, has gone into operation after three years' construction.

Zhina Railway is part of the Guiyang-Zhijin-Nayong-Shuicheng Railway. With the main line stretching 60.1 kilometers and designed speed standing at 120 kilometers per hour, it belongs to single-track electrified railway line rated the second-class in China.

Zhina coal field is located in the territory of Zhijin County and Nayong County in Bijie City, southwest China's Guizhou Province. Coal from the field is fine and the area's total coal reserves exceed 16.5 billion tonnes. "Zhina Railway has put an end to Natong County's history of no railways and formed a new access for the coal from Zhina to be transported inside and outside," said Guo Taijun, subprefect of Nayong County.

The Zhina Railway is expected to realize annual rail freight volume of 15 million tonnes and annual passenger transportation of 8 million. Coal industry in China will focus on clean energy during its transformation development in the 13th Five Year Plan period (2016-2020). Only internal transformation and upgrading in the coal industry can help the sector get out of the red and have a new growth point.

During the 2016-2020 period, China will optimize existing capacity, control increment, digest excessive capacity and eliminate outdate capacity in the coal industry. The NDRC data shows that China's coal capacity already built and under construction stands at 5.7 billion tonnes.

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