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​China to use IoT for deliveries during Double-11 shopping spree

Xinhua Financein CFBOND
2018-10-12 10:58

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China's delivery industry is expected to use the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to confront the upcoming double-11 (Nov. 11) shopping spree, the Economic Information Daily reported on Wednesday.

The annual shopping festival with a vast number of parcels proves to be a test for the whole delivery industry in China.

This time, with the help of the so-called smart logistics based on the IoT technologies, the logistics industry could face less pressure and will improve its efficiency, according to the Economic Information Daily.

In 2017, over 1.5 billion parcels were delivered during the Double-11 (also known as Singles Day) shopping festival. It is estimated that the number will surpass 1.8 billion packages this year.

As a result, China's logistics industry has been making preparations for the parcels with the use of IoT technologies.

Cainiao, a logistics enterprises under China's e-commerce giant Alibaba, is one of the pioneers to build an extensive logistics network with the IoT technologies that can realize smart sorting and delivery on a massive scale.

With the help of its smart warehouses, parcels storage chests and new retail supply chains, Cainiao can greatly improve the efficiency of its delivery service.

Currently, customers in nearly 250 cities of 30 provinces nationwide can enjoy express delivery services called "Minute Delivery", which they will get their parcels within one or two hours, or even 30 minutes after orders are completed.

Sun Jian, a warehouse manager of Cainiao, said that this would be the first year to adopt the IoT technologies in the delivery industry.

"From upstream logistics parks to downstream customer service, the IoT technologies will be applied in many links to satisfy the needs," said Sun.
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