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​Huawei unveils AI development strategy, new AI chips

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2018-10-12 13:50

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Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei unveiled its AI development strategy during a conference titled Huawei Connect 2018 held in Shanghai on Wednesday, the China Securities Journal reported.

Huawei's strategy on AI development is comprised of five aspects including investing in AI research, building a full-stack AI portfolio, developing an open ecosystem and talent, strengthening its existing portfolio, and driving operational efficiency at Huawei.

The company explains that "full-stack" refers to the functionality of Huawei's technology. Huawei's full-stack portfolio includes chips, chip enablement, a training and inference framework, and application enablement.

"Huawei's AI strategy is to invest in basic research and talent development, build a full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio, and foster an open global ecosystem," said Eric Xu, rotating chairman of Huawei, during his keynote speech at the conference.

According to Huawei, AI has become a new general-purpose technology and will change all industries and organizations in the world.

"Huawei's full-stack AI portfolio will speed up AI adoption in all industries to provide pervasive intelligence for a fully connected, intelligent world," said Xu.

Also during the conference, Huawei unveiled two new AI chips, named Ascend 910 and Ascend 310, as part of its full-stack AI portfolio. Both chips belong to the company's Ascend AI chip series.

According to Huawei, the advent of these two chips marks the company's leading AI capabilities at the chip level, the bottom layer of the stack. Huawei hopes that these chips will help greatly accelerate AI adoption in all industries.

"The Ascend series delivers excellent performance per watt in every scenario," said Xu. "Their unified architecture also makes it easy to deploy, migrate, and interconnect AI applications across different scenarios."
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