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Power use for wind power generation rise up in 2013-2014 in China, NEA

2015-09-14 15:53

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The National Energy Administration on Monday released a report on supervision on China's power prices in 2013-2014.

According to the report, thermal power, hydropower, gas power, nuclear power, solar power, biomass power generation all saw decline in power consumption rate in 2014, while only wind power generation witnessed slight increase in power consumption rate, which stood at 2.51 percent in 2014, up 0.76 percent on year.

Meanwhile, on-grid price of thermal power declined in 2014, but that of hydropower, wind power, gas power, nuclear power, solar power, and biomass power all increased. Specifically, the on-grid price for thermal power averaged at 418.77 yuan/thousand kwh, and that of hydropower at 291.61 yuan/thousand kwh and wind power at 572.06 yuan/thousand kwh.

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