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​FTSE Russel likely to include Chinese bond market into its index this Sep

2019-01-18 09:39

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Mark Makepeace, the CEO of the FTSE Russel said the company was counseling global customers on whether to include China's bond market into its FTSE global Bond Index or not and they would announce the decision by September 2019, the China Securities Journal reported on Thursday.

This news follows the FTSE Russel's inclusion of China's bond market into its waiting list in September last year.

China's bond market reached 12 trillion U.S. dollars, the third largest bond market in the world following the US and Japan. "I am impressed by the rapid growth of China's bond market," said Makepeace, "In fact, China's bond market resembles a developed market in many features."   

Makepeace added China's effort in further opening up its bond market and improving the investment environment was widely hailed by international investors, especially after the government's settlement regarding problems of investment scrutiny, structural adjustment, and access policies among others.

Furthermore, the FTSE Russel said it would include China's A shares into its flagship indices, which is projected to bring in about 10 billion U.S. dollars into China's stock market and with the weight to be increased in the next three to four years, there would be another 50 billion U.S. dollars flowing into the A-share market.     
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