Kenyan officials visit China to gain knowledge on industrialization

2015-09-16 08:42

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Some senior Kenyan officials will visit China for a one-week training program sponsored by China's Ministry of Commerce to learn innovative strategies to catalyze industrial progress in the east African nation.

Kenya's Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development Wilson Songa said on Tuesday that the visit will boost Sino-Kenya industrial cooperation.

"This year's visit to China by government officials is more focused, we have identified our priorities and will study keenly where China has done well especially in the area of industrialization," Songa told Xinhua in Nairobi ahead of the visit.

He revealed his first visit to China in 2010 focused on strengthening agriculture cooperation with Beijing. During the seven-day training program, Kenyan officials will learn how China became an industrial powerhouse.

Songa told Xinhua the officials will keenly focus on how China established robust special economic zones.

"We do not have to reinvent the wheel and expect to learn how China developed its policies and made improvements in the ease of doing business. We expect to learn from China how to set up free trade zones," Songa said.

The Kenyan officials who will leave Nairobi on Wednesday will visit Beijing and Guangzhou during the training program. Songa emphasized that China is well placed to offer vital lessons to Kenya on industrial take off.

"We are keen to learn how special economic zones operate and which governance structures China put in place to attract investments. China has also done well in anti-corruption campaign to spur economic development," Songa told Xinhua.

He added that Kenya is keen to improve the business climate in order to attract foreign direct investments. Kenya has courted China as it embarks on implementation of an ambitious industrial blueprint.

Songa reiterated that China will be instrumental in realization of Kenya's industrial renaissance. "China has come in a big way to help us achieve industrial progress.

The country is action oriented and has successful programs in neighboring countries. China does not dictate terms, but only support priorities we have identified," Songa said.

He added that Chinese financed infrastructural projects like the Standard Gauge Railway and Lamu port will have profound impacts on Kenya's economy. Kenyan officials will keenly study how China implemented its industrial industrialization master-plan during their weeklong study tour.

Songa told Xinhua that officials will also be keen on learning how China developed small and medium sized enterprises.

He added that the 6th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation to be held in South Africa in December will offer a platform to exchange ideas on how to promote infrastructure development, trade and manufacturing in the continent.

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