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Grand prospect of “13th Five-year Plan” brings new market opportunities
2016-03-07 15:00

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The Guideline of the “13th Five-year Plan” on National Economy and Social Development (Draft) proposes main targets of economic and social development in next five years, pointing out the orientation of economic development. Referring to creating new forces to drive the economic growth and speed up the development of new and old stimulating forces in the period of “13th Five-year Plan”, many representatives believed that China’s economy will be able to maintain a continuous and stable growth in the future along with constantly-emerged new forces, bringing new opportunities for the reform and development of the capital market.

Creating new forces to stimulate economic growth

The drafted Guideline proposes to reinforce the innovation’s leading role, inject strong forces into the development, and continuously push the mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

This will incent the driving forces for economic development, indicated Wang Yiming, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council. The deep integration between business start-up & innovative activities and “Internet Plus” will collect high-end production elements, such as technologies, talents and capital, to urge a large number of innovative enterprises requiring guidance and massive participation. Baidu, Inc. (BIDU.NASDQ), Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA.NYSE), Tencent Holdings Ltd. (00700.HK) and, Inc. (JD.NASDQ) have already become the internet-based companies ranking top in the world. Traditional enterprises’ steps into internet-based field, deep online and site integration, mass plans, crowdsourcing, mass support and mass innovation support the accelerating development of the platform. The commercial system reform should be deeply promoted to incent the vigor of mass entrepreneurship. Pushed by new information technologies, including Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and mobile internet, innovations on China’s service industrial technologies, management, market and commercial pattern emerge endlessly with an increasing number of emerging commercial activities.

The drafted Guideline also proposes to accelerate the connection and transfer of new and old driving forces, expand merging industries including hi-tech and modern service, and create new and powerful engine. China’s new industries, commercial activities and patterns now are growing and concentrating fast, and new drives are forming rapidly, too, according to Xu Shaoshi, director of National Development and Reform Commission. In terms of China’s economy based on the view of new normal status, speed change, structural optimization and forces transfer are all smoothly and rapidly progressing.

Yuan Liqun, deputy to the National People's Congress and also vice president of Midea Group Co., Ltd. (000333.SZ), indicated that a traditional pattern of extensive growth in manufacturing industry is no longer sustainable, although consumers’ purchasing ability is still strong, their requirements for products and services are increasingly strict, and enterprises should positively respond on this new trend. Yuan also believed that manufacturers should make great effort to push the structural reform of supply side, and the main tool is technical innovation.

Promoting reform and development of capital market

he government work report proposes to promote the reform and legalized construction for the stock and bond markets, enhance the sound development of the multi-layer capital market, and improve the direct financing proportion.

This report has an accurate and objective development orientation for the capital market, although the report is not long, it expresses the determination to stabilize the capital market, according to Wu Xiaoqiu, head of Finance & Securities Research Institute at the Renmin University of China. The market’s stable development is a significant premise for future reform, and a series of major reforms, including registration-based IPO system reform and internationalized promotion, will face difficulties, if a relatively-stable market cannot be guaranteed.

An open and effective market mechanism and transparent laws are indispensable to enhance the sound development of multi-layer capital market. Gu Shengzu, deputy to the National People's Congress and also vice president of China National Democratic Construction Association, suggested a speeding-up legislation for “the futures”. He indicated that “futures law” should be released during the period of “13th Five-year Plan” to lay a system fundament for the futures market, guarantee this industry and its financial derivatives based on laws, and push the sound development for China’s futures market.

It is worthy to notice that the government work report proposes to timely initiate the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect program. Based on Zhang Huafeng, member of the national committee of CPPCC and also chairman of Christfund Securities, the said program should be opened as soon as possible to meet the demands of domestic and overseas investors. Meanwhile, he also suggested that the existing restrictions on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program should be eased to allow investors of more types to involve in the transactions under the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program, for example, lowering the threshold for individual investors to open the accounts.
Translated by Jelly Yi
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