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China drafts development plan for nuclear power in 2016-2020

2015-11-13 15:08

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The 13th Five-year (2016-2020) plan for nuclear power in China drafted by the National Energy Administration and other industry authorities shows that nuclear power will be a primary source for non-fossil energy power generation in the long term.

As stated by the Mid- and Long-term (2011-2020) Development Plan of Nuclear Power and the Action Plan for Energy Development Strategy (2014-2020), the installed capacity of nuclear power is to reach 58 million kilowatts and that under construction to reach 30 million kilowatts with power generation increasing to four percent from current two percent as a proportion of overall power generation by 2020.

If the target proposed by the 13th Five-year Plan keeps unchanged, five to six generating units will start operation each year during the 2016-2020 period, said an expert with China Nuclear Energy Association. In the meantime, the 13th Five-year Plan for nuclear energy power generation will also focus on core issues such as increasing domestic supply of native uranium, development of nuclear fuel recycling, and localization of equipment supply.

An industry analyst said that it usually takes eight to 10 years to complete building of a nuclear power plant and the 13th Five-year Plan for the industry has to set up a mid- and long-term nuclear power generation target in advance.

Since the construction of key equipment, such as primary nuclear pump and steam generator, takes long time and the demand for nuclear equipment supply chain is likely to rise considerably along with growing installed nuclear capacity.

An analyst with Guotai & Junan Securities said global nuclear markets have great development potential and the construction of China's nuclear industry is to kick off. WNA statistics show that there are 437 nuclear stations under operation, and the number of nuclear stations under construction and to be constructed is to increase further.

Countries across the world have made positive moves to support the development of nuclear energy, and the procedure of nuclear station application and construction go smoothly. Among A-share listed companies, China National Nuclear Power (601985.SH) and SUFA Technology Industry (000077.SZ) have involved in nuclear-related business.

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