[Today's Guide] ○ Three-year action guidance on intelligent sensor to release, industry to see rapid development
[Today's Guide] ○Electric logistics vehicles covered in promotion catalogue for 1st time, industrial development to accelerate
[Today's Guide] ○MIIT to support power battery recycling, market scale may explosively grow
[Today's Guide] ○OPEC possibly reaches agreement on production reduction, oil price rallies during trading hours
[Today's Guide] ○ Four trustee agencies for pension insurance funds selected, investment with local pension insurance funds to advance
[Today's Guide] ○ Tax preference policy for health insurance to popularize nationwide, stepping in rapid development period
[Today's Guide] ○ Lead and zinc futures surges, profitability of mine enterprises expected to continue to improve
[Today's Guide] ○ State Council executive meeting to accept de-capacity and encourage mergers and reorganizations in iron & steel industry
[Today's Guide] ○ CSRC supports space information corridor, boosting construction of "Belt and Road"
[Today's Guide] ○MIIT raises threshold for power battery capacity to speed up industrial shuffle
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